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Laser cutting

Laser cutting

From the beginning of the 2000s, the Simaform company has invested in laser cutting machines.  Since then, we have continued to invest heavily in this technology.

We currently possesses a very large range of machines with 3 cutting machines.

Our machines are dedicated exclusively to precision cutting work (+/- 0.05 mm) of parts in simple or even very complex shapes either in sheet metal and/or strips.


We cut from single pieces into small and medium series.


Laser engraving
& marking

Laser marking

Our machine allows us to offer our customers a high-quality marking and/or laser engraving service on many supports or materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, aluminum, and certain synthetic materials).

We are committed to providing you with personalized and appropriate identification for your products.


Laser welding

Lase welding

Our machines make it possible to achieve very high precision fine welds while guaranteeing impeccable production quality.

We can weld two different materials together or weld two identical materials, with or without additional material.

Laser deposition is a skill that we have also been offering our customers successfully for several years.


Press shaping

Press shaping

With our wide range of presses (manual, mechanical or hydro-pneumatic) we form your sheet metal parts of simple or extremely complex geometry in various materials and thicknesses.

We manufacture our own tools at a lower cost which gives us a lot of flexibility and helps us to offer very short lead times.




We treat the surface of your parts by tumbling, for deburring and/or polishing. We can also perform manual sandblasting for single parts or automatically for larger quantities

In this way we improve the visual or functional aspect of your parts using simple and efficient machines.


Heat treatment


Our different furnaces allow us to carry out heat treatments adapted to the materials but also to the needs of our customers. From tempering to hardening of parts via quenching in oil, under vacuum or in a neutral atmosphere, we improve the resistance of your machined, laser-cut or 3D printed parts


Wire cutting


Wire EDM, also called EDM (wire electrical discharge machining), is a technology used to machine or cut solid parts such as cutting punches or dies such as our stamping dies. It is also suitable for bores.

By tilting the wire, we can also make more complex parts with draft angle.

This process makes it possible to achieve very good precision and very high-quality surface finishes


All conductive materials can be worked by EDM including very hard materials (hardened for example).


High Speed Milling


Ultra high speed allows us to machine our forming tools with complex 3D geometries.

We can also produce ultra-precise parts, small and medium-sized or even engraving.

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